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Monday, September 6, 2010

Secrecy, Before the Moon Falls

When we to parted,

In silence and in tears,

Half broken-hearted.

Thinking of ...

No felt warnings

Of what we've felt now.

A clash of sad silence,

A noise with no sound.

We thought we knew,

Years ahead too soon,

In hopes its not to late.

When we two parted

Tears engraved into the moon.

Still I keep dreaming,

Awaken of that future romance,

Knocking at my heart.

Memories of how it all started

Tomorrow becomes misty,

Recovering from yesterdays broken heart.

We still say "I love you"

In secrecy, before the moon falls.

Kissing good-byes,

As we glance into each others eyes.

Driving away in distance,

As the sadness crept in between us.

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