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Saturday, September 4, 2010

My break up....;(

I broke up with my boyfriend this morning, it was a mutual break up. We agreed that our family has been getting in between us. it’s a long story, his daughter and his son despises me for reasons unknown to me. I guess they think I’m a threat, they can’t get their way when I’m in the way. But Ted (my ex-boyfriend) keeps telling me that family comes first. Well my mom just had surgery and her heart wasn’t quite getting use to the intensive surgery. She was having problems with her oxygen level and her pulse (she has improved a lot, but I feel better being here with her).

Now, just recently, my dad is having problems. I took him to the outpatient center last night because he was all clammy and he was complaining of tightness in his chest. His blood pressure was up high and his blood level was low, which means he is anemic. I should stay here with the both of them, seeing that I was a nurse for 23 years, I can help them, 24-7. And that means that I haven’t been able to be with Ted.

I’m so sad, I want to cry, because I wanted to spend my life with him. I thought we were so much the same, and now, over time, we are so different. His kids don’t like me so I can’t visit him at his home because they are always there, even know their all in their 30's and 40's.

Now that its over, I want to be with him, I feel a little lost. I’m wondering if he feels the same way….I’m going to crawl up into a ball and cry now…

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