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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Badge for my webpage

I have a new linkback badge I created for one of my blogs. Its for my blog titled The Sleeping Turtle Art Gallery

Below is the badge I create, go ahead and place it on your webpage, and I'll place your badge or link on my blog.

"The Sleeping Turtle Art Gallery"
If you wish to Link Back , just copy code below to get this Badge

The Sleeping Turtle Art Gallery

Enjoy the rest of the evening...

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Xeph and Reem said...

hi! we changed our badge and our link! if you have time please edit the badge we have here on your site. thanks and sorry for the hassle!

Struggling Parents said...

thank you ...if you want your badge and any of the other 2 blogs of mine, let me know I, my badge for the two sites are
Sleeping turtle art gallery
Struggling Parents

Bilarboy said...

nice post..but can i ask why you unlink my site on yours.. i kind a having a broken dangling. please tell me you don't want to link with my site anymore so i can do what is necessary.