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Monday, June 1, 2009

My new Do

The first couple pictures are before my hair was cut. Now I don't really like having my picture taken, but I wanted to show you all the great hair cut my daughters friend did on my hair. The last picture (the pile of hair) the blond hair was my daughters and she didn't want me to post the pictures of her, but I'll sneak them next time...enjoy the pictures.

Also check out my daughters friends son through this "LINK"

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chilly said...

Very nice indeed! :-))

Hi There!

Modern Mom said...

I love your new hair! :D

Struggling Parents said...

Thank all, thanks for dropping by..;)

Rob said...

Hair looks very good.

When you say you placed my banner on both of your sites, do you mean you grabbed the code for my button?

liza said...

Nice hair! You look great Mee Moe. :)