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Friday, July 13, 2012

Live the Value

What a shame it would be for your best dreams to go to waste.
Do the work to make them real and you'll find great
fulfillment along the way.

Those things you love with all your heart are the most
valuable things you have to offer. Truly make the world a
more beautiful place by bringing your innermost desires to

Even the smallest acts have great power when they are
sincere. When your efforts come directly from who you truly
are, they always make a difference.

The world is filled with noise and confusion. But it does
not ever have to distract you from what means the most to

Again and again, connect with those real and lasting values.
When times are good, and when times are tough, they will
always serve you well.

Your life is a beautiful and precious thing. Live the
beauty, live the value, and live the substance of your most
magnificent dreams.

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