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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Enjoying Life

There's no reason to feel the least bit guilty about enjoying
life. If life were not to be enjoyed, then how would it be
possible to enjoy anything?

You are here to see the beauty, and to enjoy it. You are
here to feel the love, and to delight in it all.

You are here to be aware of how magnificent it is to be
aware. You are here to experience what it means to exist.

There is great enjoyment to be found it life's pleasures.
There is also unique enjoyment to be found in the challenges
and the difficulties, and in working your way through them.

Fully experience and enjoy the ups and downs that come from
passionately following your purpose. Find real joy in an
endless variety of situations, and truly know what it means
to live.

The more you enjoy your own life, the more joy you have to
give to all of life. Live, enjoy, and spread your
magnificent joy far and wide.

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1 comment:

Teena in Toronto said...

Very true!

Happy blogoversary :)