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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New Dreams

Being comfortable can be nice and pleasant. Yet too much
comfort can softly and steadily erode your sense of purpose
and even your most treasured dreams.

Being too attached to comfort can prevent you from venturing
forth and fulfilling your best possibilities. In order to
maintain your level of comfort, you may well be tempted to
compromise the values you hold dear.

Enjoy the comfort that you have attained, while being
careful not to let that comfort become a prison. As nice as
comfort can be, so much of life's richness lies outside the
boundaries of your comfort zone.

As with most things in life, comfort is best when it is
experienced in moderation and balance. Even comfort loses
its desirability when it is the only thing you ever

Enjoy and be truly thankful for the comforts in your life.
At the same time, balance those comforts with real and
demanding challenges.

Maintain a comfortable place in your world from which you
can regularly emerge to take on the risks and challenges
that will add so much richness to life. Outside your comfort
zone, there are always new dreams waiting to be lived.

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