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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Is there really a devil?

Is there really a devil?

Is there such a spirit as the devil? I think that most churches frighten people in believing that there is a devil out there and to get involved in their church to basically support them.

The devil or evil is within everyone. God placed us on earth to love one another, and those that kill, frighten, or all the things that are negative, are evil, your devil is within. And you live in your own heaven or hell.

A lot of people believe that there is such a place as hell. There is…its here on earth with you, you make life either heavenly or evilly. Your life is your own makings.

So when you decide on something, and or make a choice, you are deciding your heavenly, or evilly lifestyle.

People also believe that if you don’t go to church and contribute to them you are condemned. Your church to pray is anywhere you feel comfortably. It could be your closet, bedroom, or even the bathroom. God hears you anywhere you are. Those that say otherwise are those that work for churches that want to live off of you. God doesn’t want you to take out of your income and make it difficult for you if you are in need for it. He doesn’t want you to take from your family that is struggling. He only wants us to live in happiness, and love one another. We all feel the need to judge one another, and yet …why can’t we just be happy with ourselves enough to just love one another and not judge each other.

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